Blue Cliffs Retreat

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bluecliffs Art

About Joy

Joy first started painting in the 70s, created and ran a very successful batik business in Colorado, USA. For the past 25 years Joy has been in private practice as a psychotherapist incorporating art in her therapy work.

Today, Joy spends her time between her home office practice in Fitzroy and her retreat in Hepburn Springs, Victoria, painting in both spaces.

The colors of sunrise and sunset are the most inspiring for Joy as she loves vibrant colors which she incorporates in her impasse, abstract paintings on large canvases.

Her paintings are incorporated as part of the decor in B & B villas that she and her husband have in Hepburn Springs, as well in her home/office in Fitzroy.

Often painting at the retreat is a family experience with daughter, Nadja (who has her own design business), her 9-year old granddaughter, Sophia, and recently, her daughter-in-law, Tessa, who has arrived from London where she was a successful visual merchandiser and now an artist.

For further information contact Paul on 0400 466 998 or .

You can also view more of Joy's work on her website, or on display, providing integral gallery-like part of the decor of their B&B villas in the Daylesford/Hepburn Springs Spa Country, Blue Cliffs Retreat.

PLEASE NOTE:  Prices on this page are if the paintings are sold direct and do not include packaging, handling and shipping (usually $120ish within Australia). 


Contact Nadja & Joy

Invite Nadja and Joy to your home or business for them to design an art piece for you.

Nadja Mott
Makeup Artist & Designer
0410 644 813

Joy Mott
0400 466 998

1000 x 1200  $1800
1200 x 900, $2200
1200 x 1200, $1800
1200 x 900, $1600
1200 x 900  $1800
1200 x 900  $800
1200 x 1200  $1800
350 x 700  $800
1200 x 1000  $1800
1000 x 900  $1800
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